The Black Dog--Depression Video: Take 4 minutes to watch this entertaining, yet sobering, animation. Suitable for children and adults. Highly recommended.

Learning about Dysthymia: A 6-minute wordless video depicting a young man's struggle with dysthymia (a form of milder, but more chronic depression).

Day for Night: Recognizing Teenage Depression (trailer): This 5-minute trailer shares highlights of the full-length video, which is an in-depth look at the signs, symptoms, and treatment of teenage depression. The film features the true stories of teenagers and their struggles with clinical depression and bipolar disorder as well as interviews with their friends and families and mental health professionals.

Day for Night: Recognizing Teenage Depression--Role of Heredity in Mood Disorders: Watch this 35-second video for an explanation on the role of heredity.

The difference between a moody teen and a depressed teen--This 2 1/2 minute video explains the difference isn't always obvious. Dr. Rachel Gianfortune of Children's Physicians Medical Group (CPMG) tells parents how to recognize the signs, and when to call your pediatrician for an evaluation.

Teen Depression by Akron Children's Hospital: A 30-minute dialogue; highly recommended.

Depression: Out of the Shadows: A documentary from PBS and accompanied with a transcript. If you are short on time, watch chapters 2 and 3, which will take 15 minutes.

In-Patient & Out-Patient Facilities

South Bend, Indiana area: Care for adolescents and adults for mental healthcare.

Memorial Epworth Center

420 N. Niles Avenue

South Bend, IN 46617

574-647-8400 (24-hour referrals/admissions)


Grand Rapids, Michigan area (and several other locations throughout Michigan): Care for children through adults

Pine Rest Christian Mental Health Services


Brochures, Flyers

Printable fact sheet about depression and its symptoms to post on your refrigerator, in your office, or to carry with you.


Straight Talk about Your Child's Mental Health: What to Do When Something Seems Wrong


When Love is Not Enough: A 24-minute video

that shares our story and what parents

need to be aware of and do while raising their children. This is a rough draft of what we share at a speaking event.

Prominent Harvard researcher Dr. Stephen V. Faraone gives parents the tools they need to look clearly at how a child is feeling, thinking, and behaving and make wise decisions about when to call for professional help. Click on the image to order the book through Amazon.

Read First Chapter



Alive to Thrive: A free online resource from Focus on the Family that helps you learn about issues that can lead to suicide, and we’ll teach you how to address them long before your child might ever entertain thoughts of ending his or her life. The Child Mind Institute is dedicated to transforming mental health care for children everywhere. Use this link to access their Mental Health Guide to research illnesses by name.

The Gospel: In a nutshell, this webpage explains what it costed God to prove His love for us. Internalization of God's Truth and spiritual health is a vital part of our overall well-being. The website for Families for Depression Awareness provides many excellent resources to assist families in recognizing and dealing with depressive disorders to help people get well and prevent suicides.

Jed Foundation: They promote emotional health and help prevent suicide with a focus on the college campus. Our memorial website for our son Nathan. Watch video clips from his funeral, check out our reviews on books we have read related to suicide and/or grief, and much more.

Parents Know, Kids Grow: Offering a wealth of ideas and resources for the health of children and families. Suicide Awareness Voices of Education strives to prevent suicide through public awareness and education as well as reducing stigma and serving as a resource to those affected by suicide.

Surviving the Teens--Suicide Prevention: A segment of the Cincinnati Children's Hospital website providing support and resources for teens and their families.

The HopeLine®: A off-air “let’s talk” branch of the Dawson McAllister Network where teenagers and young adults can connect with and speak with a trained HopeCoach through instant message chat about whatever challenges they are facing.

Association for Children’s Mental Health: ACMH provides information, support, resources, referral and advocacy for children and youth with mental, emotional, or behavioral disorders and their families.

The What to Do Guide for Kids Series-by Dawn Huebner, books for children (about ages 6-12) to educate them about mental and emotional health.


Discussing Suicide with Children: Adapted from an article on North Dakota State University's website.

Talking Points: Age appropriate suggestions on what to say to and do with children related to their emotions. Adapted from an article on North Dakota State University's website.

Is Your Teen Depressed?: A short article by Rebecca Hagelin, author of 30 Ways in 30 Days to Save Your Family.

Assessments, Evaluations

Symptom Checker: Use this tool from the Child Mind Institute to evaluate concerns you have about your child. The Symptom Checker will point you to which disorders you should learn more about.

For Schools

Preventing Suicide: A Toolkit for High Schools: SAMHSA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration) offers a comprehensive, free manual tailored to the needs of high schools. The tool kit "Assists high schools and school districts in designing and implementing strategies to prevent suicide and promote behavioral health. Includes tools to implement a multi-faceted suicide prevention program that responds to the needs and cultures of students."

Gift Books to Encourage

Waters of Refreshment: A collection of favorite poems from Lynelle Watford's 15-plus years of writing, beautifully combined with images of lakes, streams, and waterfalls. 5 x 7 inch soft cover

Out of the Ashes . . . Hope: Stunning photos of God's handiwork in nature combined with poems that Nathan's mom wrote in the first nine months following his death. 8 x 8 inch hardcover

Out of the Desert . . . Refreshment: A collection of Lynelle Watford's writings from the desert of pain and how God brought refreshment to her soul during that time. 8 x 8 inch hardcover

Out of the Storm . . . Peace: Coming to a place of peace may seem insurmountable, but Lynelle Watford makes a surprising discovery that proves otherwise. Selections from Lynelle's 2013 journal and beautiful peaceful pictures. 8 x 8 hardcover.

See these books at

Organizations with Similar Goals

Early Intervention Foundation: A charity in England stablished in 2013 to champion and support the use of effective early intervention to improve the lives of children and young people at risk of experiencing poor outcomes.

Saavsus: They disseminate quality research- and evidence-based programs that promote child and family well-being and education.

National Crisis and Suicide Hotline: 1-800-273-TALK (8255), 4750 Beechnut Drive, Saint Joseph, MI 49085-9321,

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