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Step #3: Educate Your Child

Basic Steps

Teachable Moments

Probably the easiest way to teach your child is to be alert to opportunities to talk about what you have learned about emotional health. If you have educated yourself, you will be ready to answer questions as they arise from your child's experiences. You also will find teachable moments when you are watching movies or television or discussing books.

You can help your child see that these problems are a real part of life, that he or someone they know may encounter these issues. Your child should understand that he or she should not hide or avoid emotional problems because the problems are treatable.

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Extended Steps

Read Together

If you are able to devote more time and resources to educating your child on emotional health, you may want to get some age-appropriate books to read and discuss together. Here are some ideas.

Series for Younger Children (6-12 year olds):

The What to Do Guide for Kids Series-Dawn Huebner

Watch Together

I Had a Black Dog, His Name was Depression (4:18 minutes)

A very well done cartoon video that illustrates the symptoms and depression. Show it to your children twice once to see it and once to discuss the symptoms and treatments for depression.

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